Module 7: Tools for Understanding Needs and Taking Political Actio Textbook/Manuals: Mason,

Module 7: Tools for Understanding Needs and Taking Political Actio
Mason, D. J., Dickson, E., McLemore, M.R., and Perez, G.A. (Eds.). (2020). Policy and politics in nursing and health care (8thed.) Elsevier.
Module Objectives:
Discuss how research methodology is utilized as a political and policy tool. (SLO1, SLO3)
Identify policy issues as they relate to nursing associations. (SLO2, SLO3)
Examine how we can build and strengthen our profession. (SLO4)
Read the following chapters:
Mason et al. – Chap 8: Political Analysis and Strategies (MO 1,2)
Mason et al. – Chap 66: Interest Groups in Health Care Policy and Politics (MO 2)
Mason et al. – Chap 70: Coalitions: A Powerful Political Strategy (MO 3)
Mason et al. – Chap 69: Taking Action: the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments Promoting Environmental Health MO2,3)
Mason et al. – Chap 10: Research as a Political and Policy Tool (MO 1)
Mason et al. – Chap 67: Policy Issue in Nursing Associations  (MO 2,3)
Mason et al. – Chap 71: Taking Action: Campaign for Action  (MO 1,3)
Mason et al. – Chap 46: Nursing Licensure and Regulation (MO 2,3)
Mason et al. – Chap 60: Political Context of Advanced Practice Nursing (MO 2,3)
Online Topical Readings:  Read and listen to the online lecture material on the following topics.


Public Policy and Advocacy

 Policy Politics Nursing Practice-2016-Waddell.pdf – Alternative Formats   MO 2,3) – innovative model – approach great potential to be used more widely, i.e. perhaps Magnet hospital
Module 7 Directed Response Discussion Forum
Drawing on this week’s readings, and from what you have learned from your Contact /Alternative Assignment, please discuss one way in which we may strengthen our profession to better contribute to improvement of population health. How do you conceptualize this strength – what does it mean to you? Please discuss “tools” which may be used to advance this strength and, ultimately, contribute to population health.  (1 to 2 paragraphs).
Must cite the resources outlined in #1. Also incorporate evidence from at least three evidence-base sources outside of the textbook into your discussion. Cite appropriately.
MUST be supported with THREE references from recent journals (less than 5 years).