Module: Standing in the Nexus (Bridging People and Networks), Digital Technology Assessment

Module: Standing in the Nexus (Bridging People and Networks),Digital Technology
Assessment 2: Ethical Debate of Disruptive Ideas and Emerging Futures (Speech/Presentation)
Ethical Dilemma Topic for this assessment: Environment
The statement that we are debating is “Clean-tech the only way we can ensure future generations will inherit a thriving planet.”
For this assessment, your team will analyse and debate opposing views of critical ethical dilemmas associated with emerging disruptive innovations and their potential implications (over the next 20 – 30 years), across industries and for the future of work. You will apply creativity, innovation and critical and foresight thinking, to present how your team would address emerging opportunities and challenges; and the potential ‘impact for good’ in integrating human, social and ecological capital and global networks.
Through real-world implementable exercises and activities, your team will deliver a digital presentation and poster, that shows the synthesis of your team’s investigation and argument; and how cross-discipline / collaborative teams can foster innovative future work environments that are valued and meaningful. As an ongoing assessment, learning occurs through the doing and being, as much as through the artefacts produced
2 members of your group will present the ‘AGREE’  and another 2 members will present the ‘DISGREE’ argument, for your chosen ‘Ethical Dilemma’ topic for debate
Make sure your group chooses ONE of the topics on offer for you to debate the ‘FOR’ and ‘AGAINST’ perspectives 
Once you have been assigned to do ‘AGREE” for this Ethical Debate
*Please take note – For this debate, I am assigned to do ‘AGREE’ perspective argument.