Motivation of the new business(WHY)(Interchangeable shoes sole for kids)including empathy map and value proposition map canvas

So in my section 2 motivation of the new business(WHY)-We may build from the previous section on the presentation, perhaps desk research into trends that shaped your idea. Alternatively, it may come from a section identify a problem that consumers may be having with current offerings or the fact there is no product to do the job they need to fulfil their needs. Alternatively it may be a new area of opportunity that emerges from deep analysis of the external environment. So we need to pull our research findings together into some key points to bring clarity to the problem or the area of opportunity linking from the first section where you are demonstrating how your new product is going to help solve a particular problem or capitalise on the area of particular opportunity. Then we may need to dig deeper by likely presenting empathy map canvas showing only parts 1-6 on empathy map canvas. This might come from your own domain knowledge or some focussed group discussions taken around the problem or opportunity that has been built from the SWOT analysis so that we become clear what we would be doing to solve this problem, and then you could bring it together using the value proposition canvas. The value proposition canvas where you look for pains and gains as in pains that customers are suffering in relation to this particular product category or trying to get this job done. What are the gains that you can deliver and therefore what are the emotional, functional social jobs that your brand might perform in order to create need fulfilment by the new product idea that you proposed. So in essence for the reader, this part gonna show how you solve the problem or how you capitalise on the opportunity by appealing to the human motivation in other words how you gonna fullfill your customers wants and needs.The product that we are creating are interchangeable sole for kids shoes. Please find the draft slide attached and the assignment questions.