Motivation To me supply chain is the industry I wanted to get

To me supply chain is the industry I wanted to get into because I’ve always been curious about what makes a business successful. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and coming up with product ideas, selling products, and advertising products have always been straightforward and there’s a lot of material out there on how to do these things. What wasn’t so obvious or talked was how you get a product to sell at a low enough cost that you can make a profit, how or where you source this product, how you get that product to your store or to your facility where it will be assembled, and if it’s a large product how do you get that product to your customer if they live in another state or country. As you can see there’s a lot of areas where you can mess up and a lot of areas that can cost you a bunch of money that is a direct reduction and profitability. Most companies make their money through a strict extremely efficient supply chain.
This is how the largest companies in the world make so much money because they have mastered their supply chain to reduce time, waste, and cost. Now the supply chain in itself is a huge field that has many different people involved. Purchasing, logistics, forecasting, and warehousing are the most common positions.
I’ve heard many businesses fail where the CEO is an expert salesman; however his failure to get an efficient supply chain up and running has made the profit margins too thin for the company to remain in business. I don’t want to run my company the same.
Because supply chain management is still in the developing stage in China, but the United States already has a very comprehensive system, so I think I can learn more knowledge about supply chain management in the U.S.
Academic Background
I am studying at University of xxx, currently I am a senior student and majoring in management. (You can write about any particular courses which you found interesting which has also peaked your interest in Supply Chain Management and anything in particular about Supply Chain Management you hope to learn more about. You can write about any academic achievements you feel are relevant here as well. Additionally, you can talk about the academic opportunities you have pursued in the past such as student exchange programs, studying abroad etc.)
Academic Interest or Ability
(Your interest is in Supply Chain Management. What have you learned and gained so far? Elaborate on what you expect to gain or learn moving forward and how the things you have learned will help you achieve your goals.)
Work Experience
Law Firm #1
Paralegal, June 2019-July 2019
· Wrote memoranda and managed case files and performed research by using analytical skills to increase efficiency for the Law Firm.
· Assisted with preparation for trials, hearings, and depositions by utilizing leadership and logical skills to aid the lawyers.
· Attended client meetings to gain experience in how lawyers work in meetings.
· Accumulated experience in communicating with all kinds of people.
· Learned Forward planning and strategic thinking skills by wrote all kinds of paperwork.
· Learned Commercial awareness by deal with some business cases.
Domestic Services Company #2.
Office assistant, July 2018-August 2018
· Learned how to check rooms by using communication skills with server to improve this checking process more efficiently for them.
· Learned Decision-making and Problem-solving skills by deal with emergencies.
· Cleaned the rooms is intended to have the rooms meet the required hotel standards which include Tidiness as well as having all the required materials available.
· Helping and Supervising with other services and get more experiences to know how a domestic services company works.
· Gained more information about how to operate and manage the company.
· Gained more coordinating skills by working with other department people.
(Summarize what are the key things you learned from this work experience. Also what this learning experience taught you and what valuable skills have you picked up? Try focusing on how these experiences helped you learned things that influenced your studies, goals and career plan.)
I learned a big lesson about time management. You can become too good at it. I became so good at time management that I was being incredibly productive during every minute of every day, even when I was sleeping! Fast forward time and it became that if I was not super productive every minute of every day I would fall behind. At that point, any little emergency that happened became a huge emergency because there was zero margin to react to emergencies. In order to react to one emergency, I had to create several other emergencies and it all came crashing down. It was also exhausting. The big lesson I learned is to budget my day to the point that I feel guilty for having so much free time in it. Of course, emergencies still happen, plans take 3x the work you originally thought, etc., and the schedule is full again, but it is less exhausting and there is margin to react to emergencies. The price is that overall I am getting less done than I used to, but I had to realize that I am just one person and I must set a limit.
Career Plan
I plan to graduate in May next year and after graduation from U, I am going to attend graduate school. After that, I will move to xxx to live. I chose to live in xxxx because xxxx is also one of the most prosperous cities in xxxx, and there are more job opportunities and job demands here. On the other hand, most of my family members live in xxx, so compared to other big cities such as xxxx and xxxx, I would be more willing to stay in xxxx.
For me, the short-term goal is to find a job I’m interested in. (Are you planning on working before or after you attend graduate school? What kind of job are you interested in? Elaborate on the job you feel is ideal for you in the short term. What are your objectives? To gain relevant experience? To learn from experienced people? All these should relate to your interest in supply chain management) Long-term goal would be more challenging for me, cause I want to have my own company. This is not an easy task, I will try hard and do my best to work on it. (What are the challenges you believe you will face while chasing this long-term goal? How does going to graduate school and your short-term goal help you face these possible challenges and achieve your long-term goal?)
I think that a degree brings me a lot of things, not just a diploma. It also allows me to gain knowledge, skills and experience to help you both in your career and in life in general. Graduate school is not all about book knowledge, but also an opportunity to develop personal and professional skills that will serve me throughout my career. Everyone I encounter when pursuing a graduate degree, becomes part of my professional network. My professors, classmates, study group, TA, mentor and thesis advisor — all these individuals provide connections to new employment opportunities and avenues to advance my career. Because networking is not easy, and promoting myself can be awkward at times. However, the long-term benefits of networking greatly outweigh the costs. Graduate school classes tend to be highly specialized, and I’ll work intimately with peers, professors and some of the most well-respected minds in my field. These collaborations can lead to professional connections, positioning me to enter my career field in a more senior position.