MySQL exercise

Your task is to create a single .sql script that contains the SQL queries that produce the output for the following 5 questions. Download the attached script. After reading the queries that you need to write, you may need to edit the INSERT statements in the script as necessary to ensure you have adequate data. Add the SELECT queries for this assignment to the script. Do not hard code! In other words, do not use specific IDs in your WHERE instead of writing a query that works for any data added that might be added to the tables. Don’t just look at the data, figure out the answer and then print that specific name or ID Whenever you’re asked for an artist’s full name, combine the parts of their name into one value – i.e. if fname = “Jane” and lname = “Doe”, return “Jane Doe”. Question 1 For each artist who is currently in a band and is under 30 years old: * Return the artist’s full name, gender, date of birth (formatted like “06/12/2019”), and band name. Order the results by band name * You will not get full points if you just say something like DOB > ‘1992-03-27’ (hard coded thirty tears ago today). The query would not age well! Question 2 For all artists who are currently in a band: Return the artist’s full name (as a single value), the band name, and how long in years the artist was in the band. The artist should only be shown once for each band. (Hint: Remember that the data might include an artist who left a band and then rejoined. That is the challenge here!) Question 3 For each band that currently has a female member: Return the name of the band and each artist’s full name (as a single value). Order by band name and artist name. Question 4 Find the album title, band name, format, and total length of all albums. Order from longest to shortest. Try to return the format as the word “single” or “double” rather than just the store value “s” or “d”. (Google ‘mySQL IF() function’.) Try to get the total length to look like a reasonable time value rather than just abig number. This is hard! Google “summing time values in MySQL”. Question 5 For all bands: Return how many artists are currently in the band, how many artists have ever been in the band (be careful not to count the same artists multiple times if they’bve left and rejoined) and the number of albums the band has made. Order by band from A-Z.