NUR515-20220613AssignmentsNursing Problem of Interest PowerPoint Assignment

NUR515 Narrated Nursing Problem of Interest Synthesis PowerPoint Instructions 
Synthesize all 5 research articles include:  

Identified Nursing Problem of Interest 
PICO(T) statement 
What are the overall strengths and weaknesses of the research studies, include the level of evidence for the articles

Identify gaps in research & research that still needs to be done on your topic, 
Which studies had similar conclusions? Different or contradictory results? 
What is your overall conclusion about the research findings? 
How can the evidence be used for a practice change?  
Reference Slide – List articles used in the matrix as well as any other references you might have used in the PowerPoint. 

Keep in mind that this is a synthesis, so you don’t want to discuss research using a “shotgun” approach where you talk about research A, then research B, then research C, etc. This doesn’t demonstrate an understanding of the research as a whole. An example of an approach for synthesis might be: research A & B reached similar conclusions while research C reached a different conclusion with a smaller sample size. You would the