NUR515-20220613DiscussionsWeek 3: Discussion

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Throughout history, many unethical studies have been conducted. These include the Stanford Prison Experiment, the UCLA Schizophrenia Experiments, and possibly the most horrifying unethical studies came from the Nuremberg Experiments and the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. Because of these unethical practices, regulations have been developed to protect research participants from potential harm.
A. Describe a set of international ethical guidelines that are used for conducting research with humans (i.e.- the Nuremberg Code or the Declaration of Helsinki).
B. Describe how nursing research adheres to ethical standards in present day. How are ethical principles applied to anticipate and mitigate potential or actual risks to the participants? Discuss the involvement of the IRB board within studies.
C. Considering the research question you developed in weeks 1 and 2, how could you maintain ethical standards while conducting a study of your own?

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