NUR515-20220613DiscussionsWeek 5: Discussion

Post Instructions
In your post, please address the following:
One way to disseminate the results of your project is to present your findings to an audience. For this week’s discussion, you will upload your PowerPoint Presentation to the discussion board.

Peer Response Instructions
For peer responses, please address the following:

Watch at least 2 of your peers’ presentations and provide feedback. What was the gap in practice identified in the presentation that you watched? Did the presenter offer any solutions? If so, what? How will this improve patient outcomes in the future? Do you have anything to add to the presentation? 

Please cite your sources in APA format and include a reference section.  
One initial comprehensive post is due by Tuesday, with two peer responses due by Friday this week. Please label your posts: initial, peer response 1, & peer response 2. 
Please review the discussion board rubric to ensure criteria for each post is met.