Nursing Question

Create a public information product of your choice that is based on data related to a diversity issue. Your product should be at least 1,500 written words. Convey the causes and consequences of the problem of institutional discrimination in one of society’s major institutions. Use formatting and design principles that are appropriate for your chosen product. Include graphics—such as photos, charts, graphs, and figures—to enhance the presentation when appropriate. Support your conclusions with data and scholarly research. Describe and analyze data on racial and ethnic disparities in the chosen institution.Keep in mind that to be accurate in your assessment, you will need to look at raw data and percentages as well as to consider the data in relation to each racial or ethnic group’s percentage within the overall U.S. population.
Discuss the extent to which policies at the local, state, and/or federal level have contributed to racial and ethnic disparities.Consider any historical or contemporary influences that may have contributed the disparities you have identified. As an example, if you are studying institutional discrimination in the justice system, you would need to consider national policies such as the War on Drugs as well as law enforcement policies.
Assess the impact these disparities, along with institutional discrimination within your chosen institution more broadly, have had on racial and ethnic minorities and minority communities. Present at least two potential solutions or strategies to combat the problems identified in your analysis.These can be community-based, legislative (at the local, state, or federal level), or law-enforcement strategies. These strategies should be focused on reducing institutional discrimination within the institution itself.
Additional RequirementsWritten communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message. Length: The completed public information piece should contain at least 1,500 words. Format: Cite your sources in current APA style and format, including a reference list at the end of your document or presentation along with in-text citations of your sources. Sources: Cite at least one of the data sources provided in the Resources. Three additional scholarly sources are required.