OT0607 Sample questions for assessment Criteria 1 What makes the group of

OT0607 Sample questions for assessment
Criteria 1
What makes the group of people you have worked with a community?
What are the occupational needs of your community and how do these link to concepts of occupational science such as occupational justice? Such as for example, occupational marginalisation, occupational alienation, occupational deprivation, and occupational choice.
Central to our belief that we are all occupational beings is that we have occupational rights. How do you think the occupational rights of your community are supported or infringed?
What were the assets of your community and how did this impact on the occupations they engaged in?
Criteria 2
How did you decide on the idea for your occupation focused project?
Is there any literature that supports the idea you have for your community project and if so, were there any particular issues you needed to think about when applying this literature to your community project idea?
Criteria 3
You were asked to set collaborative goals with your community. What helped you to facilitate this process and were there any particular challenges?
What do you think are the similarities and differences between setting collaborative goals with communities and setting collaborative goals with individuals?
How have you considered the emotional and physical safety of members of your community? How does this relate to positive risk taking as well as trying to minimise any harm?
Why is considering sustainability important when co-producing occupation focussed projects? What particular issues might you need to consider in relation to sustainability? Eg economic sustainability, social sustainability and environmental sustainability?
Criteria 4
Can you tell us about the benefits and challenges of using a co-production approach in developing the idea for your project?
Were there any points in developing the idea for you project when you were unable to use a co-production approach and if so what were these? What impact do you think this has on the outcomes for your project?
You have worked with your fellow students to engage with your community and develop ideas for an occupation-focused project. How did you negotiate how you were going to work as a group and what were the benefits and challenges of working in this way?