P1 The Scenario: You are a supervisor at Martin’s Office Supply. During

The Scenario:
You are a supervisor at Martin’s Office Supply. During the course of your day you notice that some of your employees are spending a good deal of time on the Internet for personal use. You observe one of your employees posting to his Facebook page and another employee conducting a job search on www.indeed.com.  You realize that the personal Internet use interferes with productivity. 
Read the web articles (provided below) then write a memo to advise your staff that in the next 90 days your company will institute an Internet usage policy and install monitoring software.  Summarize specific content in the web articles (Other article now attached doc) to explain the reasons why this policy is needed and briefly include prohibited Internet use.
Article #1
the many concerns helpers may have while working with clients are discussed. You may come in contact with clients who present as difficult to work with, or they may remind you of yourself or others you are close to. In a well-written essay format paper response, no more than 3 pages, please respond to the following questions:
Look at the inventory at the beginning of the chapter that helped you identify your self-doubts and fears pertaining to your role as a helper. Select one or two of these concerns and write about them. What are some steps you might take in dealing with your greatest concerns?
Reflect on the kinds of defensive behavior that you see within yourself. How open are you to accepting your limitations? If you were a client in counseling, what defenses to changing might you develop? What do you think it would be like if your clients were very much like you?
Look over the descriptive list of difficult client behaviors and identify specific kinds of client behaviors you would find most difficult to deal with in a helping relationship. Write down what you believe you can learn about yourself from your reactions to certain behaviors displayed by clients.
If you utilize outside resource information, APA citation format is required.