Paper Guide The paper does not have a minimum number of pages,

Paper Guide
The paper does not have a minimum number of pages, however, the maximum page limit will be 15 (excluding cover page, executive summary, references and appendices). Quality, not quantity, is the key word. To achieve the quality level expected it is essential to revise the paper several times before the due date. The paper should consist of three well-defined components listed below.
Paper Outline and Evaluation Criteria (150 pts):
I. Review the staffing practices/process (stay within scope of the Strategic Staffing concentration course). In doing so, specifically answer these questions:
A. What is the organization? What is the organization currently doing regarding the staffing practice (provide details in an appendix) – what is the project scope? (brief)
B. How does the staffing practice contribute to or facilitate the achievement of the strategic goals of the organization (First, state organization’s strategic goals)? Does the staffing practice influence attraction, retention and motivation?
C. How consistent is this staffing practice with other practices (e.g., performance management, training and development, compensation, recruiting and selection)?
D. Is the staffing practice formally evaluated by the organization? If so, how is the staffing practice evaluated?
20 pts. – Evaluation is based on thorough coverage of the topic and addressing the above points.
II. Critique how the company handles the staffing practice. Identify, at the most, several strengths and weaknesses for the function given your review above. Thoroughly explain each strength and weakness using material covered in class, the text, and most importantly from your review of the research literature. The support must include citations of at least one academic research article in a peer reviewed journal (ideally as many as you can find) and, if you cannot find any support, practitioner journals.
60 pts. – Evaluation is based on the validity of your critique and application of course/outside material.
III. Based on the critique, explain your recommendations for change. Also, with each recommendation identify: (a) plans for implementation of these recommendations including specific steps, costs, timelines, and (b) how will managers and employees accept these changes.
60 pts. – Evaluation is based on the rationale for and practicality of your recommendations.
Other requirements:
Professionalism – 10 pts. – This includes appearance, spelling, grammar, and appropriate and consistent format. In addition, type the paper using 1″ margins and double spacing. The paper should be organized into three separate and identifiable sections as outlined above. Use the APA style of documentation or other consistent format for referencing materials.