Part 1 DB 6 Do performance appraisals serve a purpose or have

Part 1
DB 6
Do performance appraisals serve a purpose or have they outlived their usefulness?  Please explain your reasoning.  How often does your company appraise performance?  How can appraisals and the process be improved?  Why? Provide examples.
Part 2
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DB N. Sardon
I thing performance appraisals still serve a purpose and are very useful if executed properly.  At my previous place of employment, all employees were given yearly performance appraisals.  It was a good opportunity to give an understanding of where the company was headed and how their goals reflected to the different positions within the company.  Strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement were addressed, as well as aspect where the employee was successful in and should further develop.  We would also give performance appraisals on interns as well.  They would rotate throughout the company every six weeks, at the end of their six weeks, we would sit down with them and discuss areas where they did well and where there can be improvements.  I was once in their shoes as an intern and was able to work my way up to management.  I have a great appreciation of performance review and feel they are underutilized today.  Many people do not want to hear their faults, which is understandable and can be a hard thing to hear; however, in order to grow and further develop, it is something we need to hear and understand.  I think the process can be improved in how the performance appraisals are delivered.  The delivery methods used should be constructive and shouldn’t come off in a way that will put someone down.  I feel like they younger generation is more sensitive and how the appraisal is delivered will need to be strategic as to not put any down or make them feel attacked.