PART 2: Window Selection

Windows for the house are to be selected by you from a local BC supplier to meet theminimum thermal performance criteria of R-5.0 (U-0.20).List the manufacturer and summarized the relevant information for your selectedwindow including U-value, SHGC and any other criteria you might find useful. (5 marks)For the selected windows, you will need to evaluate the window frame design on the 9-point scale covered during the window class and Section 5.9 of the course textbook. Todo this, draw a separate 1:1 scale sketch through the window sill profile and evaluatethe following 9 criteria directly on the drawing (10 marks). Use your chosen windowprofile in the detailing of the assemblies.1. Continuity of water shedding surface (WSS)2. Continuity of water resistive barrier (WRB)3. Vertical or sloped water shedding surface4. Use of continuous compression gaskets for operable vents5. Use of continuous compression gaskets or shimmed tape at glazing stops6. Unobstructed drainage path within window between WSS and WRB7. Capillary break between WSS and WRB8. Continuous air barrier9. Durable materials at frame joints