Parts of a Plant Lesson Plan Teacher Candidate: Grade Level: Preschool 4’s

Parts of a Plant Lesson Plan
Teacher Candidate:
Grade Level: Preschool 4’s
Date: April 12, 2016
Unit/Subject: Gardening
Instructional Plan Title: Parts of a Plant
I. Planning
Lesson Summary and Focus
Students will be able to draw a flower and label parts of the flower.
Classroom and Student Factors
12 students; 1 with IEP for speech
State Learning Standards
Missouri Early Learning Goal
VI. Science B. Life Science 4. Represents observations about living things in a variety of ways. C. Represents observations through art and construction D. Talks about plants.
Specific Learning Targets/Objectives
I can read the sight words am and it with 90% accuracy.
I can write the sight words am and it with 90% accuracy.
I can identify words from the –at family in my reading and writing with 80% accuracy.
Teaching Notes
This lesson falls on day 2 of a 5-day unit.
Identify the (1) opening of the lesson: Gather at the smart board for calendar; (2) learning and teaching activities. Students dismissed to tables to work independently.
Formative Assessment
Informal observations will be made while students are working at the tables. Observations will be noted using the app on the iPad.
Academic Language
Key Vocabulary
Students will demonstrate understanding by
Students will be given think time to demonstrate knowledge in classroom discussions. Students will also be able to demonstrate understanding through their writings.
Instructional Materials, Equipment and Technology
Easel, paper, crayons, glue sticks, vocabulary word labels, Smart Board, YouTube video, markers, and paper,
II. Instruction
A. Opening
Prior Knowledge Connection
This lesson builds on the information students received from the book Flower Garden by Eve Bunting. This book was read on Day 1 of the unit.
Anticipatory Set
Students will be excited to use crayons to creatively draw and label a flower.
B. Learning and Teaching Activities (Teaching and Guided Practice)
I Do
Students Do
Whole group gathered at easel:
Yesterday we read the book Flower Garden and we learned about the different parts of the plant. Yesterday we created flowers out of play-doh and then you labeled the parts. Who can tell me the parts of the plant?
Show the video at this link:
This video uses all the same labels and demonstrates the desired drawing.
What a great video! It shows us all the parts of the plant. Today we are going to draw our very own flowers and then we are going to label them. I want you to use your very best coloring because we are going to put these on display in the hallway.
Demonstrate how to draw a large flower on the page with great coloring. Show students how to label, but do not put all labels on.
Roots, stem, leaves, and flower.
Sit quietly watching the video.
Ask questions regarding the drawing of the flower.
Behavior was reinforced by praising a student’s desired behavior.
Student with needs for movement was allowed to sit on the carpet where he could see, but could move without disrupting others.
Encourage students who excel to add more detail that plants need; sun, rain (water), soil.
Summative Assessment
Summative assessment will occur at the end of the unit.
Giving students a chance to create will provide opportunity to demonstrate understanding of the parts of a flower.
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