Passage Analysis (10 marks): Identify the central theme of the passage below,

Passage Analysis (10 marks): Identify the central theme of the passage below, and explain how the author’s word choices and literary techniques (such as setting, characters, and symbols) help to communicate the theme. Your response should focus only on the extract; there is no need to make reference to the whole story. Be sure to identify the title of the story and its author. Your response should be at least 150 words in length, and quotations should be followed by MLA-style in-text citations: eg. (Smith). Double-space your writing.
During the long ride to the subway station, she and her husband did not exchange a word, and every time she glanced at his old hands, clasped and twitching upon the handle of his umbrella, and saw their swollen veins and brown-spotted skin, she felt the mounting pressure of tears. As she looked around, trying to hook her mind onto something, it gave her a kind of soft shock, a mixture of compassion and wonder, to notice that one of the passengers—a girl with dark hair and grubby red toenails—was weeping on the shoulder of an older woman. Whom did that woman resemble? She resembled Rebecca Borisovna, whose daughter had married one of the Soloveichiks—in Minsk, years ago.
The last time the boy had tried to do it, his method had been, in the doctor’s words, a masterpiece of inventiveness; he would have succeeded had not an envious fellow-patient thought he was learning to fly and stopped him just in time. What he had really wanted to do was to tear a hole in his world and escape.
The system of his delusions had been the subject of an elaborate paper in a scientific monthly, which the doctor at the sanitarium had given to them to read. But long before that, she and her husband had puzzled it out for themselves. “Referential mania,” the article had called it. In these very rare cases, the patient imagines that everything happening around him is a veiled reference to his personality and existence.
Essay (15 marks): making reference to at least three short stories discussed in class, select one topic from the list below and write an essay of approximately 400 words in length. Consider how characters, setting, events, and symbols in the stories relate to the theme you have chosen. The best responses will demonstrate a clear analytical focus from start to finish and will draw direct comparisons and contrasts between stories. 
Your essay must discuss at least three of the following stories: “The Signal-Man,” “Kew Gardens,” “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter,” “Araby,” “Symbols and Signs,” “Death by Landscape,” “Hell-Heaven,” and “Apollo.”
*The Midterm Exam is due on Friday, July 30th, by 6pm. Students may look up word definitions online for this exam, but must not do online research or collaborate on their responses. Exams will be checked using for evidence of plagiarism. Late submissions will not be accepted.
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