Patient-Centered Care Assignment

NURS462 – Nursing Leadership Management

Patient-Centered Care Assignment

Learning Activity – 50 points


please make sure to reference all the website that you will used to answer the questions 
Learning Objectives:

Complete a self-directed
tour of websites to gain knowledge about patient centered care

Determine resources
available to improve knowledge, skills and ability in patient and family
centered care

Complete an
evaluation of the web based resources related to patient centered care


Strategy Overview: Each student will
conduct a self-directed web quest visiting each website and completing the
facilitation guide questions for each site visited. Based on the information
available on each website, answer the
following questions once you have visited each site (provide examples from
the websites – use references from each website to support your answers): (10
points for each response; maximum 3 pages for this assignment)

Do better educated patients
have better outcomes?  Explain

What does the term ‘nurse
sensitive indicators’ mean in relation to patient outcomes?

How does/can the
nursing profession impact health outcomes?

What role does the
partnership between the nurse and the patient have in assuring high quality,
safe patient care?

Choose one website
and describe the elements you believe will be most beneficial to you as a nurse
and to patients.


Safety & Quality WebQuest – Enjoy
your quest for information!


#1 –

The first link takes you to The Joint
Commission site and the National Patient Safety Goals. Notice that the National
Patient Safety Goals (NPSG’s) are now more specific and are identified and are
differentiated out by area of practice.


Notice the effort for the “Speak-up
Initiatives” when you open this link –


#2 –

This next link takes you to the area
“Transforming Healthcare” that is still within the Joint Commission


Take some time to open the links, read
the information and explore the site.

Are you surprised
that hand hygiene is still a quality focus after all these years?

How do you ensure

How effective do you
think the “Safe Hand-off” efforts are?


#3 –

This link will take you to the Press
Ganey website – who also owns the National Database of Nursing Quality
Indicators (NDNQI).  You will be able to
review various Press Ganey initiatives.

#4 –

The links in this section are about the
changes that nursing has been undergoing and the information in these links
will affect your practice. In 2008 The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The
Institute of Medicine (IOM) set out to transform nursing. Introducing the
Future of Nursing – please read over the information on the page that opens
with the link, this is to give you a background and overview only.


This next link takes you to The Future
of Nursing Brief, very important for you to read and reflect upon as you
reflect on your role as a professional nurse.


This next link takes you to the
Report’s Recommendations; please pay special attention to recommendations 3-6,
that start on page 3.


tuned – There is a new Future of Nursing report coming out for 2020-2030!


#5 –

How does the nursing profession start
to impact health?


Have you heard of The 5 Million Lives
Campaign? The aim of the 5 Million Lives Campaign was to support the
improvement of medical care in the US, significantly reducing levels of
morbidity (illness or medical harm such as adverse drug events or surgical
complications) and mortality.


Institute for Healthcare Improvement
(IHI) quantified this aim and set a numeric goal: they asked hospitals
participating in the Campaign to prevent 5 million incidents of medical harm
over a period of two years (December 12, 2006- December 9, 2008).


When you access the link and read over
the initiative think about how many of them you see implemented in your
clinical site.


#6 –

This next link takes you to the Agency
for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), this agency is part of the U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services. You are linked to the Patient and
Consumer information website. When you are reviewing the document keep these
questions in your mind:

Why is it important
to educate the patients, the families, and the consumers?

How does the
education of the patient impact the education and practice of nurses?

Now reflect on the
information you have so far: Do you think this level of education will become
the norm for patient or health education in the future?

How would you create
an environment where patients are free to ask you or the physicians to wash
your hands or clean your stethoscope?

Think about how you
move in the healthcare setting and changes you could make to remove obstacles
and increase patient and family involvement in patient safety and quality.


#7 –

This site includes a handbook that
gives relevant information and tips for hospitals to improve the communication
and cultural competence of caregivers so that patient and family centered care
becomes a reality.


Advancing Effective Communication,
Cultural Competence, and Patient and Family Centered Care: A Roadmap for


The final link of this web quest is a
7-minute video that will stress the importance of nurses providing Quality Safe
Patient Care in every setting.


#8 –

Institute for Patient- and
Family-Centered Care – review the information and resources on this website.


#9 –

these videos and reflect on you can ensure you provide the best patient care
for part 2 and 3 of stop # 4
Use this link for the 2020-2030 information

The Future of Nursing 2020-2030

reflect on the future of nursing and what are their recommendations and does it discuss the impact of COVID
Clarify assignment