Peer Editing

Please consider the following points as you read the rough draft; check off and write COMMENTS for EACH editing point below to improve the assignment (please read ALL). Thank you for your careful consideration of your classmate’s writing. _____ Title: Is the title appropriate, telling/informative, or needs improvement? Why/How? _____ Thesis statement: Is the thesis statement/purpose clear from the outset? ______Introduction: Does the introduction create interest? Sets the scene? How?______ Specific details to support position: Cite two to three specific details the writer uses to support their claims about the ethical issue. Is the evidence sufficient? _____ Logical organization: Easy flow of ideas from one point to the next? Paragraphs arranged in a logical manor? Transitions from point to point? _____ Who is the intended audience/target demographic? Suggest a publication/website/app, in/on which this would likely be published. Is the language/vocabulary suited for the intended audience? _____ Are there any issues with spelling, punctuation, grammar? _____ Conclusion: Does the writer summarize the main points of emphasis relating back to the thesis statement? Is there a clear call to action? ______ Are images/modes employed to enhance the piece? If not, please make suggestions. ______ Are the requirements met in terms of page limit and sources? ______What improvements can you suggest, especially to add to increase reader interes