Peer post feedback

These posts are the abstracts/executive summaries of their research papers Post from Richard: Social Marketing Abstract This paper explores the concept of social marketing. This paper describes the theory, emergence, and application of social marketing. This paper analyses social marketing’s core competency and some of the most critical issues in the field, such as why social marketing campaigns fail. This paper explores the hypothesis that biases exist in the field of social marketing that can make it be perceived as or become propaganda; and that social marketing’s theorist and practitioners are either unaware of or are disinterested in solving, which may prevent it from advancing beyond its limited success and use that those in the field want it to obtain. This paper uses grounded theory and reviews of case studies as its research methodology. This paper also offers recommendations to improve social marketing in policymaking and strategy development. post from Adrian: “The Negative Effects of Competition in Marketing” Abstract In a world of a progressing commerce, businesses and companies are oftentimes pitted against one another in order to topple rivals by means of selling more goods and producing more profit than the opponents. Competition in marketing is the rivalry between at least two, or more, entities that provide products or services in similarity. Competition in marketing is the driving force behind contesting companies surpassing or falling behind sales and customer success. While healthy competition in marketing is beneficial to the marketplace because it can foster innovation, it is important to note unhealthy competition as well as the misuse of it. The misuse of competition in marketing can create negative effects on businesses. Examples of misuse of competition are comprised of a business that displays unfair pricing, the denial of supplying products or services, predatory pricing, and unethical behavior. The issue at hand is that the abuse of competition in marketing serves as an obstruction to healthy and progressive commerce. The misuse of competition in marketing serves as an obstruction to healthy and progressive commerce. This paper will discuss the negative effects of marketing in competition as well as what healthy competition looks like, the misuse of competition, and suggestions for solutions. Post from Sahil: Subscription-based pricing models Abstract The paper focuses on the critical aspects of subscription-based business models. The paper will try to understand the key factors influencing consumers’ decision-making process in purchasing subscription-based services or products. The paper’s focus would be on web-based services but would also capture other subscription-based services. We would study various pricing models for subscription-based services and products. How firms make decisions to utilize the correct pricing model. The paper would also identify various actors in the decision-making process. What challenges do firms face while charging consumers for such services and Firms make consumers pay for these services? The paper will identify solutions to the challenges faced by firms. How to utilize and choose from subscription-based pricing models. How firms tackle the problems in current market situations. The changes in service offerings and pricing after the internet boom and consumer perceptions towards these services. The paper will provide recommendations that today’s managers and firms can utilize to strategically price and place their services. Address the challenges faced and provide some solutions to the challenges.