Please answer these questions

1. Chapter 14: Which of the following must be considered in resilience planning Select one: A Threats to the integrity of assets B. Threats to software modular components C. Threats to assets of encryption D. Threats to system traffic 2. Chapter 19: System development Is: Select one: A. a process with limited elements for error-control B. a process with low-level development C. a complex process of conceptual design and development D. a process with only high-level functional components 3. Chapter 2: Which item listed is not a fundamental software engineering activity Select one: A. Software specification B. Software file allocation tables C. Software development D. Software validation E. Software evolution 4. Chapter 7: Software engineering has a critical stage of Select one: A. Development B. Validation C. Implementation D. Usability testing 5. Chapter 1: Fundamental ideas of software engineering does not deal with software security. Select one: A. True B. False 6. Chapter 10: Dependability is a fundamental part of some software systems because it may include redundancy aspects that can be implemented in lieu of primary component failure. Select one: A. True B. False 7. Chapter 11: In dependable programming guidelines, maximizing the use of elements that are prone to errors. Select one: A. True B. False 8. Chapter 12: In terms of safety engineering, safety-critical systems development processes should include safety reviews. Select one: A. True B. False 9. Chapter 13: Software engineering aspects of security is most common in systems that involve gaming applications. Select one: A. true B. False 10. Chapter 15: Software product lines are related applications that are developed from only one base application. Select one: A. True B. False 11. Chapter 16: The difference between development for versus with reuse is the reuse of components and services in other applications, and the development of new applications using existing components and services. Select one: A. True B. False 12. Chapter 17; One of the components of software as a service is that the software is housed and managed locally, rather than the software provider. Select one: A. True B. False 13. Chapter 18: The fundamental aspect in a RESTful architecture is a data-related element that represents various formats. Select one: A. True B. False 14. Chapter 20: In the classification of Systems of Systems (SoS), system governance can be sometimes used as the basis for this classification. Select one: A. True B. False 15.Chapter 3: The Scrum agile methodology was developed to provide a framework for organizing agile projects and, to some extent at le provide external visibility of what is going on. Select one: A. True B. False 16. Chapter 4: Requirements validation is the process of checking the requirements for ensuring team development capabilities. Select one: A. True B. False 17. Chapter 5: Context models normally show that the environment includes several other automated systems. However, they do not show the types of relationships between the systems in the environment and the system that is being specified. Select one: A. True B. False 18. Chapter 6: In terms of architectural style and structure, the choice on which to choose and develop rely solely on the functional requirements of the system. Select one; A. True B. False 19. Chapter 8; Scenario testing is useful because it replicates all the non-practical uses of the system. Select one: A. True B. False 20. Chapter 9: Adaption of software to new platforms and environments is considered a type of software maintenance. Select one: A. True B. False