Please find below the instructions regarding the essay. Requirements: Format: 5 pages

Please find below the instructions regarding the essay. 
Format: 5 pages LETTER SIZE PAGE (1622 words) (double spaced, 12-point font, standard margins) minimum and 6 pages maximum. Do not deviate from your spacing. That is, once you begin your essay the entirety of the essay will be in double-spaced formatting only. Please do not triple space etc. between paragraphs. Be sure to INDENT when beginning a new paragraph.
The essay must include a separate title page (that also includes a word count) and bibliography page, and neither of these are included in your page total requirement. Lastly, do adhere to the page requirements: a 4-page essay is 20% below the required 5, and choosing to not use 20% of the space offered you is a waste of opportunity in terms of scoring marks. For example, students do not lose marks, but rather you earn them. Be sure to use the space offered you to earn as many marks as you can. For example, you start with 0 and then begin earning your marks.
Bibliography: You are required to use, consistently and throughout your essay, a minimum of three academic sources and a maximum of five. This is strict.  Part of your score is based on your research, and it is up to you to find, investigate, and determine whether a source is applicable. That is, this is a sociology course and as such you need to find sources that are sociological in nature. Start on RULA and begin typing in the keywords you identify as central to your essay.
Sport, Social Activism and New Sporting Activism in the 21st Century
This topic is a current, critical and topical one. That said, it also has a deeply sociological history rooted in race, racism, discrimination, mobility, access to resources (a career), homophobia, gender, sexuality and barrier breaking. For example, Jackie Robinson and Billie Jean King, different in sport, race and gender, but also terrifically important to 20th century activism. So this topic is a laborious one.
For those students who have contempt for history and have no desire to acknowledge it, see the world only as it occurs today and have no time for Nas (see: Lonzo Ball) or Michael (see: commentors and the “Jordan played again plumbers and carpenters, Lebron is the GOAT”), and lastly, privilege only the successes of athletes as they occur in current times, this topic may not be for you (but if you decide to investigate, I assure you that you’ll see the world today, in the past).
For those students who see the past in the present, recognize the privileges of today as the result of those before us who fought to provide us with them, and who sporting based social activism as a compelling research area, you may enjoy this topic. There is lots of room here: that is, all of basketball, tennis, football, baseball and soccer have rich histories of athlete drive social activism. You may examine social activism of the past (remember, it must be sporting based) or the present (also, sporting based). A couple of examples to get you started, offering names only: Jackie Robinson, Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King, Serena and Venus Williams (do they need last names? that is a hint), Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (a favourite player of mine as a kid and one of the many, many social justice athletes I am deeply in debt to), Colin Kaepernick, Britney Griener, Jim Brown, Arthur Ashe, Rudy Galindo, Kevin Love and Demar DeRozan. While Kaepernick and Lebron might be the immediate reference points, and both are great, both have also benefited greatly from social media. A fun topic to be honest, and a topic appealing to those who may see athletes, both in the past and present, addressing and fighting on behalf of issues surrounding race, mental health, sexuality, gender and human rights as an interesting, critical and topical area in which to conduct research and writing.
Research and Bibliography:
Be the former, spend a bit of time on Libraries and locate helpful sources: there is NO shortage of sources applicable to the topic listed. Lastly, I mark your essay objectively and optimistically: ensure you follow every instruction, produce a well written essay that communicates to me critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, a competent use and inclusion of your bibliography, and finally, a desire to examine the topic while including course content.
Purpose: You are required to research and write a critical essay examining the topic of your choice from a sociological perspective in which you examine the central issues you see as most pertinent. Avoid first-person, avoid flowery celebrations such as ” _______” and avoid the phrase “I think.” You are writing a critical essay that examines the sociology of sport.