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In 2021, there were 71,948,100 women of childbearing age nationwide. There were 5,130,600 live births, what is the fertility rate per 1,000 women of childbearing age.
During the last 2 years, there were 47,115 COVID infections in the town, 3,185 patients were sympathetic. What is the annual rate of sympathetic per 100,000 population?
In last month, the total length of COVID inpatient stay was 2,128 days, and the number of discharges was 265, what is the average length of stay (ALOS)
A well-baby nursey unit records the following statistics in January :
Newborn bed count 25 Discharges 220 1
Newborn service days 428 Newborn discharge days 435
Average length of stay for well-baby newborns in January
New born baby bed Occupancy rate for well-baby nursey unit in January
A total of 5 newborn died during December and there were 232 live newborn discharges. What is the newborn death rate?
If a total of 500,000 people are alive with a diagnosis of diabetes in the year the US population was recorded at 310 million. What is the prevalence rates
(a) per 1,000,
(b) per 100,000.
Ten Year ago, the number of incidence of AIDS was 25,700 in the US when the population in the middle of the year was reported as 290 million. What is the new cases of AIDS per 100,000 population during that year?
The estimated population of a state during the past year is 22 million. The total cancer deaths during the same year were 4,500.
What is the death rate
(a) per 1,000 population,
(b) per 10,000?
The pediatric unit of a hospital has 20 beds. Last week, the IP service day totals were 12,11,13,9,10,13,7. What is the occupancy percentage for last week?
the last whole year (using 365.25 days), a hospital has 350 inpatient beds, the bed occupancy rate was 92%, an average length of stay was 7.5 days.
How many times of the 350 beds changed occupants in the last whole year.