Poem- “life is fine” by Langston Hughes

Write a 2 – 3 page MLA formatted paper in which you analyze the meaning of a poem and connect the interpreted meaning to a real world concern or issue. Be sure to include information from two outside sources, as explained on the lecture page. Also, remember to include in-text citation and a Works Cited page which includes a citation for the poem and for each of the two other sources you have included in the paper. No first person voice (“I”) should be used in the writing. NOTE: Save your grade – do not submit your paper until you have applied the information on the revisions guidelines handout!
1. Connect the meaning of the poem to some idea in the real world. This will be your thesis statement for the paper.Example #1: Poetry, such as “We Real Cool” by Gwendolyn Brooks helps readers empathize with those in society who are dealing with the struggle of addiction.Example #2: Poetry, such as “Politics” by William Butler Yeats helps remind today’s readers to be thankful for the sacrifices made by the military, specifically the hardship of separation endured by military families.Example # 3: The poem “Summer Magic” by Leslie Pickney Hill expresses the healing power of nature and can help today’s readers recognize the necessity of combating Climate Change.
2. Do research on the biography of the poet – make notes regarding the most interesting or influential biographical information. For example, my research might tell me that African American poet Gwendolyn Brooks was raised in Chicago. Given the segregation during the time in which she lived, she most likely would have been familiar with people in her community who were unable to realize their dreams. Therefore, though her poem may not be speaking specifically about addiction, I can relate the struggle of both groups (those in her community and those dealing with addiction) in my paper.3. Do research on the subject that you are connecting the poem to. For example, if you are connecting the poem to being in a disappointing relationship, you might research the number of divorces each year and the major reasons for divorce as well as the number of people that use dating apps to summarize that a large number of people today are still searching for “the one.”4. Do annotated reading on the poem you have selected to find points to include in the poem analysis section of your essay. Consider the following questions: What is the poem about? Who is the speaker of the poem (the voice created by the poet)? What is the poem’s main message/theme? In the analysis part of your essay, you must not only state the poem’s theme but also identify at least two (2) poetic devices and how they are used by the poet to reveal the poem’s message/theme.6. Use at least two secondary sources to write your essay. Support your argument with evidence from research by reading about and quoting from articles/secondary sources about …-the poet’s life (find biographies)-critical analysis of the poem (read literary criticism)-the real-world issue expressed in the poem (research, for example, the American dream, loneliness, corporate greed, healthy relationships, etc.)
For each essay in this course:– Use the information in this link to help compose your draft.1. Be sure your essay is presented in MLA format including correct headers and title. Note the title should imply the thesis of the paper, not be the title of the piece of literature! Use this link to understand correct MLA format.2. Always use present tense verb when discussing literature. For example, do not write “Sarah left the cemetery.” Instead, write “Sarah leaves the cemetery.”3. Never use the author’s first name only. Use either the author’s full name or last name only.4. Review your essay for spelling errors, and to eliminate fragments, run-ons, and other editing errors. I highly suggest using the free download grammarly.com or another tool.5. Double-check that each paragraph is sufficiently developed so that it is reader satisfying. If your paragraph looks a bit skimpy, consider elaborating on an idea within the paragraph or offering another example.6. Check that you have a clearly identifiable thesis statement in the introduction and topic sentence for each body paragraph.7. Include a Works Cited page: use this link for proper format8. Be sure that there is in-text citation for each quote presented in the paper by presenting the author’s last name within parenthesis directly after the quote: Use this link for further information.9. Make sure that there is no personal voice “I”/”To me …” in your writing10. Make sure you have academic tone in your writing by eliminating the use of contractions and the word “thing” or “you”
Introduction paragraph: Include each of the following making sure there is transition from one idea to the next.1. Make comments regarding how poetry helps readers better understand the world – (specifically mentioning the issue you are connecting the poem to)2. Give a brief overview of the issue – how is it? What are the major problems or concerns?3. Give a brief introduction to the poet and the title of the poem – when did the poet live? When was the poem written?4. Thesis statement stating the title of the poem and how this poem can benefit readers by offering insight into the real world (see example thesis statements listed on Lecture page).1st body paragraph:1. Topic sentence stating summarizing the biographical information you will be presenting: Example: Poet x endured many struggles throughout her life.2. Present biographical information. Include in-text citations.3. End the paragraph with a concluding sentence which restates the paragraph topic sentence AND connects back to the thesis statement found in the introduction.2nd body paragraph:1. Topic sentence stating the theme of the poem that you have interpreted2. Prove this theme by focusing on several key phrases or lines from the poem3. End the paragraph with a concluding sentence that restates the paragraph topic sentence AND connects back to the thesis statement found in the introduction.3rd body paragraph:1. Topic sentence explaining how this theme relates to an issue in the world today. For example, ” The theme expressed in the poem “We Real Cool” is that careless decisions have negative consequences and can be applied to the struggles of those dealing with addiction.”2. Offer several sentences explaining the topic sentence. Include concrete examples and information from an outside source – include required in-text citation3. End the paragraph with a concluding sentence that restates the paragraph topic sentence AND connects back to the thesis statement found in the introduction.Conclusion paragraph:1. Summarize main ideas of each body paragraph2. Make final statements regarding how reading poetry such as the poem presented in the essay is beneficial to society.
UPD: Hey pls make sure you go through the essay revision guidelines I sent to you, just make sure is according to how the professor wants it. Because she’s really emphasizing on that. ThanksWork cited has to be up to three or more than