Portraits Comparison Essay

FAPA 101 OnlineModule I Visual Art Assignment 5: 
 Portraits Comparison Essay Chamberlain/CombsPortraits Comparison Essay
 Instructions:Research and write a paper containing a minimum of 750 words comparing and contrasting two portraits from different artists.Portraits selected should be from different time periods, and preferable from different geographic areas (ie: 18th century France and 20th century New York, etc). Please recall the definition of PORTRAIT: a painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders.[consider using the OER Met Timeline link and search portraits; or consider sources available in our OER textbook] Consider this essay as an informal mid-term assessment for the class and what we have covered thus far. This assignment carries a significantly higher point value (100) than other assignments in the module.Please feel free to use the class text or other class resources to assist you with vocabulary and analysis (as indicated in requirements below) you work should be a reflection of concepts we have covered in the class thus far. In your paper, you must:1. Include the artist, title and year created for each work2. Discuss elements that make up the genre and stylistics elements of each work3. Evaluate any political, historic, social, or economic influences that reflect the artist or their culture [hint: you will need to research the artists time period and geographic location]4. Compare and contrast each work5. Express a personal reaction to each work6. Include a minimum of two academically appropriate secondary sources in addition to a reference of the primary source (work of art). Citations and bibliography must reflect MLA format7. Use appropriate writing mechanics (grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, etc.) AND word count (750+ words). Format essay using Times New roman, 12pt. font with 1 margins. 8. Include jpg or file either before or after the essay or in separate file that provides representation of the selected art work