Possible Interview or starter questions for a qualitative study (attitudes in language

Possible Interview or starter questions for a qualitative study (attitudes in language use.)
Follow-up interesting bits of information with more questions.
(1: Vincci, 2: Naila, 3: Stephanie, 4: Riaaa)
Q1: On a scale of 1-5, how important do you think speaking in English is in Hong Kong? Why?
1. 5, useful. Just like in other countries, English is particular, especially when interacting with others.
2. 4, most of the people are Chinese and use different languages/ their own language (Hindi, Urdu, Putonghua, etc.) Different nationalities, English can connect people together as most people use English to interact with one another.
3. 4, Hong Kong is international society. But half of the people in the community speaks a different language.
4. 5, because Hong Kong is an international city to which it’s a common language for people to use to communicate with one another.
Q2: When do you speak in English Language?
1. When I speak to friends/ western restaurants
2. Work, friends, go outside
3. Just in the campus
4: Anywhere, it’s my mother tongue.
Q3: Do you feel uncomfortable when hearing a Chinese speaking in English?
1. Chinglish!!!
2. Depends on how fluency. (Understanding them)
3. On the pronunciation, when using sophisticated terms, it’s difficult to understand, let alone the fluency.
4: Only when I cannot interpret what they are trying to say.
Q4: Do you think speaking English in the college has a positive impact to your English language development?
1. Yes, international school.
2. Yes, because new words can be learnt and it builds confidence and more opportunities to communicate/ practice English more.
3. ??
Q5: Do you feel awkward speaking in English?
My mother tongue is English
Love English more than Chinese. Feel awkward if use weird words.
Everyone speaks English with me.
No, mother language
1: Secret
2: 23
3: 26
4: 21
All females
How long studied in YCCECE
1: 7
2: 2
3: 4
4: 2
Current year of study
All year 4
Mother tongue
Cantonese x2
English x2
Future career plans