In the next two modules, well work on crafting a thesis-driven essay that proposes a solution to a social issue that confronts our country, our society, or our school (Albright College). For this module, complete the following steps: 

Brainstorm a long list of problemsmake your list at least 20 items long!  
From your list of problems, choose three problems that seem the most interesting 
For each of your selected problems, brainstorm a list of possible solutions. Make each list of solutions at least 5 items long 
Looking through your three problem / solution brainstorms, choose one problem & solution that seems both interesting and doable 
Freewrite at least 500 words about your problem / solution. If you find free-writing helpful, youre welcome to do more. 
Submit as one Word file your freewriting as well as all your brainstorming lists. If you did any brainstorming by hand, you can insert it into your Word document as a picture.

I will upload a file with the professor example.