Prof. Dan Jones Eng. 1520 Final Paper Due: 4/27 TLDR: Write an

Prof. Dan Jones
Eng. 1520
Final Paper
Due: 4/27
TLDR: Write an eight page paper with a “Works Cited” page and in text cites. You can write it informally as a narrative, descriptive, expository or a formal persuasive piece. Unless it is a formal academic persuasive essay you should also include at least a few paragraphs that explain the rhetorical choices you have made.
As we talked about briefly and read about in our text there are four major rhetorical modes:
For the final paper I want you choose a mode to write an essay in. You should choose one of these modes, but you might find that the most effective form of writing you are to create will utilize elements from other modes besides your primary choice. I encourage you to be as creative in the deployment of your chosen mode as you wish to be.
Given, you probably did not sign up for a creative writing class and might not wish to write something with too much creative flair. If that is the case you might just choose to write a classic academic persuasive essay.
However, the format of the academic persuasive essay might be boring to you. As such you might choose to write a narrative piece.
Neither of these options might seem compelling to you. If so, your choice may be to write a descriptive essay or perhaps something expository.
Regardless of your choice, you should begin with a purpose. The journey towards any well written essay or narrative is embarked upon with intention. Once you have decided what your intention is you must decide what format, that is, what rhetorical mode matches up with said intention.
As I indicate above you are not, for this project, shackled to the three-part essay format (intro w/ thesis-body-conclusion) unless you choose to write an academic persuasive essay. However, that fact does not excuse you from having a purpose; each these this formats might just express that purpose differently.
For example: lets say you have determined your purpose to be alerting your audience to the dangers of climate change:
-A narrative piece about climate change could be a short story about a family grappling with the impacts of climate change upon their home town. Perhaps you know a person or a place that has been impacted by climate change, you could tell their/it’s story.
-A descriptive piece about climate change would require you to find a person, place or thing that helps us to understand the impacts of climate change. You would then figure out how to evoke this person/place/thing and describe this condition in which it exists now, including details that get us back the main idea of climate change.
-An expository piece about climate change would thoroughly explain the thing in question. You might choose to talk about the process by which climate change is problematic, or the causes and effects of climate change. Maybe some combination of these strategies could be used? A position should be clear.
Whatever rhetorical mode you choose, and however informal or formal you choose to be in writing, I am requiring that you use a minimum of four acceptable sources included in a separate “Works Cited” page with in-text citations included. The total page count should be eight pages, not including a “Works Cited” page.
This eight pages does include a description of how your chosen rhetorical mode communicates your chosen purpose and why you selected a particular mode. You should be sure to indicate what your purpose was. The type (or types) of rhetorical mode you selected to communicate your purpose and why you thought this mode was best suited to your purpose.
Be sure that whatever mode you choose to write in is non-fiction.
Be sure that your paper is in MLA format where it applies.