Professional Ethics

ndividual/Group Length earning Outcomes

Task Summary This assessment task requires you to reflect on your experiences in the subject MIS303: Professional Ethics by following a four-step process designed to help you gain insights into the work you have done and how it relates to your own career and life more broadly. As the trimester comes to a close, you will be asked to reflect on your learning experiences by referring back to the weekly journals you had produced from Modules 1 to 5 and submit a final reflective report of 1250 words (+1- 10%) that will include the weekly journals in the Appendix.
Individual Reflection

1250 words (+1-10%) The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:

a) Identify and explain how codes of ethics directly impact professional practice and behaviour in the IS profession. b) Analyse and discuss the impact and consequences of ethic-al-and unethical IS practices. c) Critically reflect on the relationship between ethics and legal frameworks in the IS industry. d) Apply professional ethics to positively contribute to public .nterest and business.

This is an individual assignment that tracks your growth as a student of Professional Ethics over the trimester. It is scaffolded around what you have learnt in class. Seeking input from your peers and the learning facilitator is essential for you to achieve a positive result in this subject. This reflective report gives you the opportunity to communicate your understanding of how professional ethics relates to your career and future.

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