Professional Goals in Nursing Divya Patel Coming from a family where education

Professional Goals in Nursing Divya Patel
Coming from a family where education has not been a top priority, this field has given me a motivation to be the exception. I quickly realized that in order for me to have an advanced level of responsibility I must take the next step by obtaining Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
I quickly learned that Helping, caring, and serving is in my DNA. I have always felt a sense of pride and satisfaction in looking after people. Having been worked as a medical assistant for last three years, I realized that this work allows to really make a difference. It has given me a sense of purpose, a hope, and a desire to help continue serving the people in need.
I have grown to experience how my parents took care of my grandfather. My grandfather was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This sickness further deteriorated his strength and health, which his age was relentlessly fighting. Unfortunately, he later became paralyzed, and he had to stay in the bed and count on the goodwill of his children and grandchildren. Soon after that my grandmother fell sick, and she was also paralyzed. However, the kind of care my parents provided to them was exemplary. This entire experience motivated me to choose nursing as a career to help other in need.
During my three years as a medical assistant, I have assisted providers in MOHS surgeries, excision, and cosmetic procedures. I enjoy engaging with people, have eye for details, and perform well in a fast-paced environment. Furthermore, I learned the value of teamwork and collaboration while working in this setting. Working in the dermatology office, I have learned set of skills that I can utilize in nursing school.
I have established important goals for myself in order to stay on the right track. One of my main goal is to accomplish the core qualities that establish a successful nurse. My second goal is to make a commitment to lifelong learning. Third, I want to continue to help people who are in need of medical assistance in the community. I hope to develop the qualities required to provide my patients with satisfaction of treatment by pursuing these goals of acquiring key characteristics and continuing to learn.
I have always been eying Azusa Pacific University since I decided to go back to pursue nursing. Based on the research that I have done; the University provides the right balance between quality of education and the amount of funding that I would need to invest to get the degree. Waiting for the day when I receive the email from APU saying that “Congratulations you are accepted for the BSN Program at Azusa Pacific University”.