PSC 101 American Politics

Instructions You will select a specific bill to research and then find an article that demonstrates the practice of governmental checks and balances in action. You can use the diagram of checks and balances in Chapter 2, Section 2.3 of American Government: Institutions and Policies (17th ed.), as well as review these suggested bills Download suggested billsto help you get a better understanding. After reviewing the diagram and examples, decide which bill (one from the list or another one of your choosing). Then, find an article and research how the system of checks and balances worked in this particular circumstance. Once you have your bill and your article, use that information to answer the following prompts. Write at least 300 words using the discussion prompts to guide your content. Then, respond to at least two of your peers’ posts using at least 150 words for each. Discussion Prompts Explain how checks and balances worked in this scenario. What was the outcome? Do you think the system worked to provide the best possible outcome for that scenario? Why or why not?