PSCI 101 _ Intro to Political Science Essay Assignment # 1 _

PSCI 101 _ Intro to Political Science
Essay Assignment # 1 _ Film Response
Due: To be Announced via Blackboard
Format and Submission Guide:
The assignment should be typed – Times New Roman 12 pt. Font and Double Spaced. Pages should be numbered.
You should place your name, class name, assignment number, and date on the top of the first page.
Upload your assignment as a PDF or Microsoft Word file via Blackboard by the due date.
Length: 2 to 3 pages
Watch the Film “You Can’t be Neutral on a Moving Train” and take notes.
Write a response essay considering the following questions:
What is the film about? Provide a brief synopsis.
What in the film did you find to be striking or interesting? What did you find to be troubling or problematic? What did you find to be inspirational?
What are some of the main arguments of the film? Do you agree with the arguments? Why or Why not?
What is your take on “a life of political engagement” after watching the film?
What did you take away from watching and reflecting upon the film?
Criteria for grading:
Honesty of the answer – write your own essay based on your observations of and reactions to the film and on class discussions.
You may not consult or use any other source for writing this essay.
Quality of Writing – correct grammar and spelling; proper sentence construction; organization of the essay
Quality of the answer – answer the questions asked and avoid writing vague or general essay.
Critical Engagement with the film