psychology – teratogens

Imagine you are sitting at a bar having a few alcoholic drinks while enjoying the music and talking with friends.  As you are enjoying yourself you see a woman walk into the bar sit down close to you and order an alcoholic drink.  She quickly consumes the drink and orders another one, this time, a double.  While she is waiting for the bartender to make and deliver her new drink she goes to the outside patio and has a cigarette.  While she is returning to her seat, you notice the obvious signs indicating she is pregnant.  She passes by you, nods and smiles at you and continues to her seat where she again consumes her drink and orders another.

You remember what you read in chapter four about teratogens and are you concerned?  The question for this essay is what would you do?  Nothing, mind your business?  Or would you say something to her?  Why would you do that?  Is it any concern of you to take responsibility about this adult drinking alcohol beverages just like you???