Question 1: (2 Pages Max) For this assignment, I would like you

Question 1: (2 Pages Max)
For this assignment, I would like you to think back to the parts of Shoe Dog you have read so far (at least until the end of what happened in 1972), and write about the leadership style of Phil Knight. Please make sure to carefully read the “Entrepreneurial Leadership?” chapter by Prof. Renko, and especially the parts that talk about the characteristics of entrepreneurial leaders.
In your paper: Discuss the leadership style of Phil Knight at Nike/ Blue Ribbon, especially in the company’s early days and as it started to grow. Did Phil Knight demonstrate any of the characteristics of entrepreneurial leaders covered in the “Entrepreneurial leadership” reading? If so, which ones, and how/ when?
The papers that earn full credit will uses Specific and accurate examples from Shoe Dog to make specific and accurate illustrations of characteristics of entrepreneurial leadership, based on the Renko reading. Furthermore, specific characteristics of entrepreneurial leaders from the Renko reading will be explained – ideally, in your own words – and not simply named or implied.
You do NOT need to cite any outside sources. Just the “Shoe Dog” book and the Prof. Renko article will be suffice.
The paper has to be a minimum of one page, and can be a maximum of two pages long. It is graded based on content, not length. Use 1 inch margins on all sides, line spacing at 1.5. Do not leave extra space between paragraphs. Please remember that each assignment is graded for content and if your paper is very short, you may not have included enough content.
All individual papers require that you use outside sources of information in your write-up. Whenever you use outside ideas, quotations, data, or other information in your text, you NEED TO CITE THE SOURCE. For citations style and listing the references, use the APA (American Psychological Association) style.
Your paper should be free of typos and grammatical errors. Poor language and typos will have a negative impact on your grade.
Question 2: (1 Page Max )
Please tell us about an entrepreneurial leader that you have gotten to know personally. It may be someone you have worked with or worked for, someone who has been a teacher or a coach, or someone you have gotten to know in some other context. In your discussion post, please answer the following:
Who is this entrepreneurial leader that you know? What is / was their relationship to you?
Why is this person you chose an entrepreneurial leader? Use this Prof. Renko article to explain why you would call this person an entrepreneurial leader. Give at least one specific example of a situation where they demonstrated entrepreneurial leadership.
Do you think entrepreneurial leadership, as exemplified by this person you know, is more of a negative or a positive experience for followers? Why?