Question 1: A business owning client wants to talk to you about

Question 1:
A business owning client wants to talk to you about retirement planning for her existing business.  She would like to retain employees.  What are some essential data that you would request from her?  What would that data be used for?  In other words, what are the critical elements that need be evaluated when selecting a retirement plan for a business owner?  What factors do you need to look at and why are they important?
Question 2:
A client has some questions about social security.  They ask the following: Who is eligible?  When is a good time to claim social security retirement and why?  How do you calculate the benefit amount?  Can social security be reduced?  How would you answer their questions and explain Social Security to them in a way they could understand?
Question 3:
Mr. Joey Gatewood has owned JG, Inc. for all his life.  He is currently 52 and wants to retire at age 60.  JG, Inc. is a manufacturing plant that employs over 50 employees, most of them young.  JG, Inc. has consistently good earnings with Joey making $500,000 to $600,000 per year.  Joey is willing to use company earnings and even take less salary to help the company fund a retirement plan.  Which retirement plan would you recommend and why?
Question 4:
Dottie the florist has 3 full time employees.  Dottie would like to install a retirement plan for her 3 full-time employees but would like to be able to make flexible contributions due to uneven cash flow.  However, each Valentine’s day and Mother’s day, a group from the local Women’s club comes and helps make bouquets.  It is usually the same ladies that come back part-time every year.  Dottie wants to know which plan best fits her needs and why?