Read her blog post, found linked on Canvas under week 11. In it she tells the story of how she

Read her blog post, found linked on Canvas under week 11. In it she tells the story of how she came to be employed at Uber, her experience while there, and the reasons she ultimately left the firm. After reading her blog write an argument that provides ethical assessment of Ms. Fowler’s experience in terms of the analytical framework of feminism. Specifically, answer the question of whether or not Uber as a corporation cultivated a sexist environment, a sexist culture. If so, how? Please keep in mind: An ethical argument will typically include 4 items:a brief description of the relevant analytical framework element, e.g. glass ceilingthe application of that element to the particular facts in the case studyyour evidenceyour conclusionPlease comply with the following Best Practices for written assignments:Write your contribution in MS Word or a comparable word processor and turn on spelling and grammar checking.  Always save a copy of your work to your own computer.  Once your work has been written in your word processor:Make sure you’ve written at least the 300-word minimum required by the assignment. You will lose points is you do not.Correct all spelling and grammatical errors. You will lose points if your work does not correct grammatical and spelling mistakes.If you write much more than the required minimum number of words, make sure you have broken your essay into logical paragraphs. Make your written work easier for the reader to understand.Underline the single sentence with the logical conclusion of your essay, i.e., that which the rest of your essay supports. Consider what is the main point of your essay, the main point you are trying to support. You may need to rewrite your essay to tighten up the flow of your argument, once you get everything “on paper.”Provide at least one quote from the reading.After each quote from the reading assignment or another source, such as the textbook, include the citation for the source. For example, “Feminist philosophers are united” (Gibson, page 81). A formal bibliography is not necessary for these assignments.