Reflective journal

This week, you were challenged to “take a break from technology” to see how long you could make it without using it, and, how you felt after “checking out” for awhile. For this portion of your journal this week, reflect on the following questions: How many hours were you able to make it without technology? How did you feel while not connected via technology? Did you notice or experience anything in your immediate environment, that was different, surprising, or enlightening? What do you feel the benefits of this sort of activity could be, in regard to a person’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health?
**SPECIAL HOLIDAY WEEK REFLECTIVE JOURNAL ENTRY #2** Consider the concepts learned throughout the course in regard to holistic nursing and the human experience. As you enjoy having a few days off from classes, and hopefully have the opportunity to interact with family, friends, or others (even though socially-distanced), practice the following skills: Self-awareness (being aware of biases, reactions, or beliefs that come up in your thoughts) Mindfulness (being ‘in the moment’ without letting distractions divert your attention) Holistic health (awareness of how your physical health reflects the status of your mental, spiritual, and/or emotional health) For this portion of this week’s reflective journal, write at least one paragraph (150 words or more) related to holistic health observations you made during the holiday week.