Repay you opinion 300 word count Edward Gonzalez As we moved through

Repay you opinion 300 word count
Edward Gonzalez 
As we moved through this course, you were asked to complete various portions of research: proposal, outlines, annotated bibliography, and the research itself. These were designed to facilitate the process of learning about research and the steps that could/should be undertaken in order to stay organized and moving forward in the writing. Which did you find most beneficial to your progress? Overall, what surprised you the most about the research process?
Most beneficial was the first assignment where it really forced me to investigate analyze what I want to present and what approach needs to take in order to get the reader’s attention. The first week was really challenging since I have a mix of ideas and thoughts that at one point was difficult to put them in order but with the lectures and readings, I was able to organize them and present it. What surprise me the most about the research process is the importance of playing with key words and how to narrow the subject to have a successful search, it all depends how I use critical words and characteristics to find the right article, for me this was something essential in the entire process.
What do you still need to complete when it comes to your research project in this course? What feedback has been helpful, either from your instructor or your peers, in helping you identify necessary changes to make as you have moved along in this project?
I would say that I still have some work to do on my final project, I needs to expand the body of my paper add more details to make it more argumentative. I will also review my introduction to see if needs some changes and after I have all that I will be working on my conclusion. I already have plan of how I want to present it but still need to invest more time to review it and make final adjustments. Every feedback has been helpful since they have another perspective and analyze it form another point of view, it gives me a critical perception where helps me to make changes and adjust my final paper. If I need to choose one I think the feedback from my instructor about to create another approach on my thesis statement and on my topic; this really help to move forward.
What type of writing type of writing do you anticipate doing in the near future? How will research be a part of that?
I really do not know what type of writing I would be doing in the future but if I had to choose, I will go by narrative or descriptive. These two types of writing allow me to have a personal connection with the audience, I really like to tell stories to engage readers with my personal life experience and to describe details of special events. Research could help to provide some kind of background or a little be of history to connect personal evidence to real facts; these could help the interaction professional opinion with personal experience.
What “conversations” in your field do you plan to continue to take part in? Why? How will you do so? For instance, someone may be going into Criminal Justice but be particularly interested in conversing about the use of technology such as body cams to improve community-police relationships.
The conversation that I would keep having is the need of medical care to any kind of society or community, people and entitle to have access to a medical provider who can guide them and instruct them on how to prevent disease and how to improve their quality of life. It is very concerning how this country with many advantages compering with different other countries do not provide easy and accessible medical care to the entire community. What I will do on my part is to contribute to my local communities in providing good patient care and help them as much as they need to.