Respond to Jonathan in the following way: Offer examples of how your

Respond to Jonathan in the following way:
Offer examples of how your manager or organization helps employees balance life and work.
Please reference colleague by saying You or Your and not by name.
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The main events in my life that cause me happiness is spending time with my children. Currently, I’m residing in the pacific northwest and my children live in south Texas. So, anytime I get with them, which is about once a month, I cherish those moments.
The main events that cause me stress are being inundated with job-related tasks, personal affairs, or family affairs. In my experience, I’ve learned to take things day by day. I’ve also learned to not take work home. There are times where I must disconnect, recharge, and get back at it the next day. We can only handle so much before our bodies start to say, ‘enough is enough’ (Clark, 2017). 
An individual must find a healthy work-life balance and prioritize happiness. Work-related stress has serious consequences for the safety and health of the employee and for the health of the organization through increased absenteeism, high staff turnover, poor performance, and greater risk of worker injury (Padron, 2017). Therefore, it’s up to an individual with support from managers and family members to find that right balance.
As a manager, to ensure my employees experience a minimal amount of work stress, I ensure they take leave. I’ve learned that if you earn leave then take leave. The mission is going to get done regardless of if you’re here today or gone tomorrow. So, why introduce yourself to earlier grave when it can be avoided by a health work-life balance.
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