RESPONSE #5: COCO Elements of the Drama This fifth response paper is

Elements of the Drama
This fifth response paper is on the animated film musical COCO. The film is from Disney/Pixar and is based on the Mexican holiday Dia de Los Muertos. This fifth response paper will be counted twice in your final grade: 1) it will be considered as the essay part of the final exam (50 points) as well as a separate writing assignment (for a total of five film analysis assignments over the semester).
For this response paper you will be examining the Elements of the Drama and how they help to create the world of the film and tell the story of COCO. These Elements include: 1) Setting and Scene Design; 2) Lighting Design; 3) Costume and Make-up Design and 4) Sound Design (Please see separate handout detailing the class lecture on the Elements of the Drama).
For this response paper you will include the following:
What style of film is COCO primarily? Why? Please provide your reasoning. Also are there any other styles represented however briefly in the film? Please provide a description of where they are represented in the film.
Please provide your overall impression of the film. This should include your own personal response to the film, with a brief discussion of the plot/story, acting, setting and cinematography. As part of the plot/story, please note what themes you believe are being explored in the film, as well as the film’s protagonist and antagonist.
For the major part of your response, please analyze and discuss the Elements of the Drama of COCO. Please provide a general overview of the film in these areas and then choose one scene to discuss in some detail.
Please remember, writing a synopsis of the film is not what this response is about. It is about analyzing the various Elements of the Drama to show how they create the world of the film and help to shape and tell the story.
The paper is to be 2 full pages, not one and one-half pages. It is better to give me three pages than less than two. The narrative essay should be double spaced, 12 point (size of the letters) and New Times Roman. Also, please remember to provide a Works Cited page if you provide any information beyond what is known from the film itself, the classroom lecture or notes.