Response to the 2 posts below with one paragraph (3 sentences) agree

Response to the 2 posts below with one paragraph (3 sentences)
agree or disagree? why?
1)Following September 11, the United States felt more vunerable than ever before. President Bush saw Iraq as a dangerous nation that was gaining power and used the excuse of the terrorist attacks to invade the country. On top of that, rumors were being spread that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction. Even further, Iraq was rich in natural resources such as petroleum. If you were to ask Bush, he would say that these were the perfect conditions to invade a sovereign nation.
The Iraq war was not worth it at all in my opinion. Well, it was worth it for Lockheed Martin (weapons manufacturing company), BP and ExxonMobil (oil/gas companies). It was not, however, worth it for the millions who were harmed in Iraq. As we learned in the reading, Iraq was not involved in the 9/11 attacks, so there is no reason to use 9/11 as an excuse to invade them. On top of that, the rumors of WMD’s were just that: rumors. WMD’s were never discovered in Iraq. Therefore, this leads me to believe we did not invade Iraq for the betterment of mankind. Rather, we invaded Iraq strictly for economic gain.
2)In my opinion, the Iraq war was not worth the human and financial cost. “According to a recent Gallup poll, a majority of Americans believe that the Iraq War was not worth fighting.” ( Basically, this means most Americans were opposed to the Iraq war. “Our war in Iraq, I think was the most fundamentally bad, dangerous decision since Vietnam,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said during his confirmation hearing. (Hagel voted for the war when he was a U.S. senator.) And Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., told the Arizona Republic, “I think the legacy of this is always going to be that it was a mistake, that it was pre-emptive, that it wasn’t based on real information, and that the whole struggle could have been handled differently.”( Fundementally, the war in Iraq could have been handled in a better way. And it was based on misleading and false information.
“disastrous legacy” of the war transcends lives lost or dollars spent.” ( Basically, this means that the dangerous impact of the Iraq war goes beyond lives lost or money spent. “But it’s “difficult to believe the war was worth it,” he says, given the damage to U.S. credibility, the strengthening of Iran, and the lack of stability in Iraq.” ( In my opinion, this means the Iraq war damaged America’s trust and it made Iran stronger. It also caused Iraq to lose structure. Overall the Iraq war caused Iraq to become more dangerous.