Review your company’s annual report. Identify the return on equity (ROE) and

Review your company’s annual report.
Identify the return on equity (ROE) and return on assets (ROA) for the company selected:
What does this mean for the company? How would you describe their liquidity position? How did you get to this conclusion?
Compare ROE to ROA. Which is the most important? Why?
Comment on the company’s profit margin, and explain whether you feel it is good or bad in performance.
Analyze the balance sheet and income statements for your company for the 2 most recent years.
Is the company in better or worse financial shape for the most recent year?
Use specific details from the balance sheet and income statement to support your position.
Calculate the following for each year:
Return on equity
Return on assets
Gross margin
Price to earnings ratio
Current ratio
Debt to assets ratio
Inventory turnover ratio