RUA: “We Can, But Dare We?” Scenario You are an ER nurse

RUA: “We Can, But Dare We?” Scenario
You are an ER nurse in a critical access hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Critical patient care items are in short supply. The staff have been instructed to reuse PPE (mask, eye protection, gowns) for at least a month at a time and the hospital has a short supply of critical patient care items such as ventilators, oxygen, and all tubing. Many nurses have left due to burn out or to take positions in other hospitals creating a severe staffing shortage. Before the pandemic your patient to nurse ratio was approximately 1:6. Now on a good day your ratio is 1:20. You know that patient care is not as good as it should be and you have seen cases of patient neglect within your department. The CEO of your hospital has just done several news conferences declaring your hospital safe for all patient care. You notice that one of your coworkers has been taking pictures of the facility’s poor conditions and “work arounds” (multiple patients on one oxygen tank at lower settings than what is needed, permissive hypoxia etc.) and in patient rooms that are holding more than allowed patients, as well as the patients in the hallways, some deceased. You confront the coworker about the pictures and they state that the plan to anonymously release the photos to the media. You agree that conditions are unsafe, but you think you know there is already public distrust of hospitals and the medical profession and you are worried people will choose not to seek care at all if they see these pictures.
The next morning you get a call from a local television news station asking you to speak about the pictures and the conditions in the hospital
Choose an ending to the scenario, and construct your paper based on those reflections. Choose one of the following outcomes:
A HIPAA violation occurs, and client data is exposed to the media
A medication error has harmed a client
A technology downtime that impacts patient care occurs, and an error is made
4.A ransomware attack has occurred, and the organization must contemplate paying the ransom or lose access to patient data
The introduction catches the reader’s attention and includes a purpose statement as well as a narrative outline of expected content
Discussed HIPAA, healthcare regulations, and legal guidelines on appropriate use of technology related to healthcare.
Used supporting data.
Discussed a chosen scenario and made recommendations of to mitigate the situation. In order to get full credit you needed stronger supporting evidence
Discussed the advantages of appropriate use of informatics technology in healthcare and risks of inappropriate use.
Discussed professional and ethical principles.
In order to get full credit you needed strong supportive evidence
Included a brief summary of some of the key points from the paper and a reflection of lessons learned from this assignment as they apply to your nursing practice. In order for full credit you needed a stronger conclusion, not just a reflection
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Good job on this assignment! You have a well-organized and well written paper that I enjoyed reading. You presented an informative paper discussing the use of technology in healthcare and supported your facts with scholarly sources.
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