Rubric – Documented Informative Essay (Research Paper) (5) __________ Does the format

Rubric – Documented Informative Essay (Research Paper)
(5) __________ Does the format of the paper conform to MLA requirements? Is there identification of the student, course, college, and date in the top left-hand corner? Is there a running head in the top right-hand corner? Is the paper double-spaced? Does the paper use 12-point Times New Roman? Are the margins one inch?
(10) ___________ Are the steps in the writing process applied? Are the prewriting, thesis statement, outline, rough draft, peer review, and final draft all submitted?
(15) __________ Is the information delivered in a way that shows the writer considers the audience’s attitudes and ways of thinking about the issue? Does the writer offer his or her own explanation, using the reading, his or her thinking, and his or her life experiences to delve deeply into the topic?
(25) __________ Does the writer use examples to help readers see why the information is significant? Does the writer use description and definitions to support the ideas presented in the discussion? Are there quotations, paraphrases, and summaries of the source information within the text to support the ideas?
(30) __________ Are the sources cited in the MLA style of documentation? Is there a Works Cited page to list sources? Are in-text citations used each time quotations, paraphrasing, and summary statements from the sources are used in the body of the paper?
(15) __________ Is the paper free from mechanical errors?
Possible total (100)
__________ Final Grade
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