S: Patient is a 28 yr. Old male with ℅ having a

S: Patient is a 28 yr. Old male with ℅ having a scaly lesion over his left groin area and a painful cut between his big and second toe for the last 3 weeks. Pt denies any  Hx of diabetes and any recent fungal infections and any skin Dx such as eczema. Pt denies any recent injury to the foot. 
Immunizations: Pt states to be up to date with all  immunizations including varicella, measles, mumps and rubella vaccines. Patient states to have received 3 doses of the HPV vaccine before the age of 25
Preventive care: Pt states to participating in an exercise regime that consist of lifting weights 4x/week and on occasion goes on runs 
Reproductive Hx: Pt denies having any children
Social Hx: pt states to occasionally drinking alcohol 1-2x/week and states to smoking marijuana 3-4x/month, pt denies any nicotine use 
Allergies: NKA, NKFA, NKEA
Medications: Patient denies any medications 
Hospitalizations: pt denies any hospitalizations and states no prior surgeries 
O: 118/86, 72, 98.3, 18,  99% on RA, pain 6/10 on his foot 
A/Ox4. Patient appears to be well kempt and clean, dressed for the weather
Eyes: Pupils are equal, round, reactive to light, No exudates, no hemorrhage
HENTS: Normocephalic, no scars, hearing intact, Oral mucosa pink and moist
Neck: non-tender, no jugular venous distention
Respiratory: Lungs clear to auscultation bilaterally, respirations are even and unlabored, breath sounds equal and unlabored, symmetrical chest wall expansion
Cardiovascular: Capillary refill