You can use the second picture for sample of deliverables that I need, topic is Challenges that International students face as post secondary students How to write list of deliverables for given topic “Challenges that international students face” in Canada as post secondary students. Given is the sample op 2. Research 2.1. The conventional flush urinal 2.1.1. Water consumption 2.1.2. Hygiene 2.1.3. Cost 2.2. The waterless urinal 2.2.1. How the waterless urinal works Fig. 1 Cartridge / integrated drain trap 2.2.2. Water consumption 2.2.3. Hygiene 2.2.4. Cost 2.3. Waterless urinal vendors 2.3.1. Waterless Co. Fig. 2 Product image 2.3.2. Kohler Fig. 3 Product image 2.3.3. Falcon Waterfree Technologies Fig. 4 Product image 2.3.4. Ecotech Water LLC Fig. 5 Product image 3. Solutions 3.1. Waterless urinal pilot project 3.1.1. Site audit of BCIT (how many urinals exist) 3.1.2. Conduct survey 3.1.3. Select washroom for testing 3.1.4. Develop training strategy for maintenance and cleaning 3.1.5. Study results to identify reductions in water consumption 4. Conclusion 4.1. Benefits of the waterless urinal Fig. 6 Table comparing water consumption (waterless vs. conventional)