SCA971 – 1 “Music Release Letter Assignment” DEADLINE: Friday, Week 5 June

SCA971 – 1
“Music Release Letter Assignment”
DEADLINE: Friday, Week 5 June 13, 2022
FORMAT: Word Document or PDF (no Google Docs) SUBMISSION: Upload to Blackboard
WEIGHT: 15% of your final grade
SUMMARY: Adding music to video productions is an integral component of media creation. Whether it is an instrumental piece under a series of beautiful scenic shots or a hard- hitting rock song providing pacing for a chase scene, we rely on music to help establish a mood. The creators and performers of each musical piece must be given their due. You must obtain rights to their music.
Before you can acquire rights to a piece of music you must first identify the musical work you want to use, clearly communicate the intended use and outline on what medium it will be displayed or transmitted to the public.
For this assignment, you are asked to select a piece of music that would be appropriate for a personal or school project that you would like to undertake. You must write a letter to the rights holder(s) and ask for permission to use the piece or a portion of it in your project. You must clearly state the piece of music requested and your intended use of it.
You do not need to mail the letter, just submit it as your assignment. This is an individual assignment.
Select a piece of music appropriate for a personal or school video project.
(Do not select a piece of music that is currently in public domain or royalty free)
Determine the rights you need: Review SCA 971 Module 3 – Music Rights
Search for the copyright holder and or the master license holder
Locate their contact information (name, title, address)
Write a formal letter (not an e-mail) clearly stating the rights you are requesting, answering all the relevant questions as outlined in SCA 971 Module 3.
Within the body of the letter state who you are, why you are writing and where you are from (school, city)
Explain you plan to use the piece in a school or personal project.
Indicate the medium and territory your project will be displayed on/over and for how long you require the rights. At minimum, you are asking for rights covering a public screening of your production and rights covering the exhibition of your production on your personal website.
This project will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
Instructions have been followed
The document is in letter format and clearly written
You have properly identified yourself
You have properly identified the rights holder
You have accurately identified the piece of music
You have correctly outlined the rights needed
You have indicated how the music will be used in your project.
All projects must have the same format for submission:
– lastname_SCA971SAA 0r SBB Music ReleaseLetter
(ie. jones_SCA971SAA_MusicReleaseLetter-failure to follow format -5% deduction)
Music Rights Letter Assignment 15% of Final Grade
– Letter is clearly written and in a proper letter format
– Letter includes contact information on the rights holder
– Includes accurate details on the rights required
– Includes accurate details on the piece of music
– Includes relevant details about your project
Be sure to contact your professor using their Blackboard email account, office hours or during class.
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