Section 1: Advertising vs. Public Relations (20 points) Scenario: You are a

Section 1: Advertising vs. Public Relations (20 points)
Scenario: You are a CEO of “Rush” a new energy drink company that’s looking to penetrate the saturated energy drink market. You need to build a campaign to create awareness for your brand. Please provide two examples of advertising and two examples of public relations you will use in your campaign to create awareness for your brand.
Section 2: Interview Questions (20 points)
Scenario 2: You are the host of “60 Minutes” and have an exclusive interview with Rihanna. Based on the seven types of interview questions discussed in class, create seven interview questions (one of each type) and identify the type of question. For instance “Rihanna, what current projects are you working on?” – Open-ended question.
Section 3: Crisis Communications (25 points)
Scenario 3: You are the owner of “Rome” a hot nightclub in New York City. Late last night, “Holly” was celebrating her 21st birthday at Rome. Unfortunately, this milestone event turned tragic. Holly was found dead the next morning in her bed due to alcohol poisoning. Your establishing was the last venue she was served at and Holly’s parents want answers and even worse a lawsuit is inevitable. As the owner and spokesperson of Rome, you need to get out ahead of this and make a statement to the press. In no more than two paragraphs, determine if this was a “sudden” or “smoldering” crisis and provide your justification. Then create a statement to the press and identify three steps you will take to address the risks and with the hopes of protecting your public image.
Section 4: Press Release (30 points)
Scenario 4: You are an entrepreneur who is opening up a new sports bar in downtown Providence. Using the 8 Key Points, write a press release announcing this exciting new development. Feel free to make up information as necessary (including the name of the establishment!)
Section 5: Course Reflection (5 points)
In one paragraph or less, please explain what you learned in the course. Please be sure to include the following: What did you like or dislike about the course/ Any suggestions for improvement?
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