Self-Esteem Assignment PART I – Six Pillars of Self-Esteem – by Nathaniel

Self-Esteem Assignment
PART I – Six Pillars of Self-Esteem – by Nathaniel Brandon
As you watched the video, how do you reflect on the six pillars in your life.
Rank the pillars in the order for which you are greatest with, to that which is least strongest area.
Give a brief example within your life, where you have exhibited this trait/characteristic with pride.
1. Rank
2. Example in Your Life
The Practice of Living Consciously
I was feeling bored in running on the treadmill, and I found another way to exercise. I enrolled at the Team Training and now I feel more enthusiastic.
The Practice of Self-Acceptance
In 2019 my weight was 155 pounds and I worked hard to lose weight. I was planning my weight 124 pounds and I could reach it but I could not keep it, So I accept to maintain 130 pounds.
The Practice of Self-Responsibility
I have some allergies related to some types of foods. Before I use to eat and get often sick, so I decided to take the responsibility to change it. I worked with a Nutritionist who motivated me to keep up with my healthy lifestyle.
The Practice of Self-Assertiveness
Before I used to have friends who were only there when they need me for something and I was shy and scared to say No when I learned to say no. The friend did not like it. I decided that this type of friend was not what I was looking for and I decided to select friends who really understand me and accept how I am.
The Practice of Living Purposefully
My purpose was to study and work in something that I really love to do and after hard work and effort. I could accomplish my goal.
The Practice of Personal Integrity
I work in the military and the first core value is Integrity First. I believe that doing what I think is right makes me feel proud. Being honest with myself and others is a big step in my life.
PART II – Self-Esteem Sentence Stems
Reflecting on the video and the six pillars, complete the “Self-Esteem Sentence Stems” table below.
First part of the sentence
Finish the sentence
I have always wanted to…
Improve self-confidence and Personal Growth
I’m secretly afraid of…
Losing my loved ones
This week I would enjoy doing…
Exercises 5 times per week.
I often look forward to…
Realize my dreams
I feel something that the future holds for me is…
a life with fulfillment, meaning and purpose.
I get my strength from…
continuing to learn resilience
One person couldn’t live without is…
My mother
I would never…
be dishonest
It made me feel great when…
I help others and loving others and being loved
I love when…
I travel and go explore new places and cultures
I find it hard to…
find honest friends
My dream is to one day that…
Everybody will have a freedom to live life as they want without judgment and bias.
It makes me angry when…
I did not finish my tasks on time.
I sometimes fear that…
To speak in public
This week is going to be…
A relaxing day
Something I deeply desire is…
A financially comfortable life
I flourish when…
I achieve my goals.
This week I hope to…
Accomplish my goals and focus in my tasks.
Something I do secretly…
I find it hard to admit…
I am stubborn sometimes
PART III – Your Inner Critic
Having completed the two previous exercises; have a heart-to-heart talk with your inner critic. Your inner critic is that voice inside your head that talks negatively to you. Has s/he been extra vocal recently? Take this opportunity – writing in the box below – to dismiss his/her opinions. Be sure to tell him/her all the good things you are doing and accomplishing.
Reflection – Your Inner Critic
I considered loving others and being loved, Independence and self-determination and being financially successful essential values for me because they balance my life and help me grow emotionally, personally, and professionally. All of them are negotiable because my dreams and goals can change and improve differently in an existent moment that I can be experiencing. I aspire to love others and develop meaningful relationships with others, especially those that gravitate towards me. I will also seek independence to be self-sufficient, although my passion and love for others will drive my self-determination. As much as I aspire to attain independence, my appreciation for the love and commitment shown to me by others will remain unchanged.