Self-Promotion Paper (Basic functions) What I can do & what I want

Self-Promotion Paper
(Basic functions) What I can do & what I want to do in a marketing project for real ventures.
As the ability to achieve goals in the group project requires collaboration from members, I will contribute my fair share of the workload and fully understands what my responsibilities are, I can be hold accountable for my work, and I am willing to assist others the best way I could when they need a helping hand with their assign work which I find it important in team’s productivities. For the marketing project, I can help with researching and collecting data as they are the key component of marketing initiative.
(Team dynamics) Why me on your team? What are my characteristics in working in a project team?
Teamwork is everyone’s responsibility and effective teams requires people with different strengths to work together. A succeed team need members who understand what their role in the team, someone who can hold themself accountable, committed to the team, optimistic, and flexible and I can confidently say that I am the one. I am reliable, responsible, and collaborative, I put all my effort to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way. Communication play key role and it’s essential for keeping track of progress and working together efficiently on tasks as poor communication can result to cross wire or create conflict among teams. I always make sure that I’m available and reachable to help other team members when they need assistance. I understand that the ability to achieve goals in team project requires collaboration from its member, I can actively contribute to my team to complete tasks because I understand that team succeed is my own succeed. I am committed to my work to ensure the team succeeds with all tasks, duties, and projects. You can trust me to do my jobs on time, participate, and make collaborative decisions. I feel a sense of belonging to the team, committed to my work and I really care about the succeed of my team. I get along with pretty much everyone and build a positive relationship with my teams in the past which can make more of relaxed environment and reduce conflict.
Does it interest me to be an entrepreneur in the future?
When I think about being an entrepreneur and starting my own business, I get a mixed feeling of both excitement and nervousness. To be an entrepreneur one must be a risk-taker and okay with the uncertainty, but I am not sure I am as of right now. However, it does not mean I am not interested to be an entrepreneur in the future, as of right now I have not found my true passion just yet. The thought starting my own business, taking full responsibilities of it, and managing it kind of terrified because I don’t have the gut or how to make it happen. I am afraid of the “what if” and I am not sure I am cut out of be an entrepreneur. Though it may or it may not happen, in the future I do want to start my own business, but I am not sure what kind of business I want to open just yet. Hopefully as my knowledge expand and gain more real-life experience, I will have more confident. As an entrepreneur one must be optimistic and have a positive mind set.