Shaping society through a holistic approach. Investigating the Shaker architecture and its impact on community development.

Architectural dissertation about holistic Shaker architecture and its impact on community (development/ collapse). I uploaded my dissertation poster and presentation that I performed on my crit. I received some feedback from tutor that has been also uploaded. I would like you to focus on that. I am also uploading the file with some citations, books, screenshots that you can go through just to feel the sense of my dissertation. For now I will need a very good, expensive in architectural analysis etc draft of my chapters that will help me to build my narrative in the dissertation. (Results/ Findings/ Outcomes; Discussion/ Analysis )My dissertation will be 6000 words (4000 probably will be main body) Harvard referencing of tables/ citations used in the draft is also needed. I would be very grateful as I am having problems with writing. The idea is to build my main body and find main conclusions, discuss the problems and outcome that I can work on it later/ or will maybe need your support further as final deadline of my dissertation will be in the end of this month. I would like you to check the feedback I received from tutor to apply the advice- investigate it (is uploaded).Thank you in advance